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C/ De San Julián nº1
28108 Alcobendas, Madrid
Tel: + 34 91.480.64.00
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      PROINTEC has achieved the Sharm el Sheikh International Airport

Prointec, as the main consultant company, is carrying out the “Development of Sharm El Sheikh International Airport Project”, whose client is the Egyptian Airport Company (EAC). In this moment, we are developing the Airport Planning and Design Stage, and the remaining phases are: Tender Process and Construction Phase. In case that any provider is interested in offering his services for any of these phases, we would be pleased to meet you and collaborate together. To arrange an appointment please get in touch with the following personnel.

Prointec Headquarters Madrid:

Head Office address:
Avenida de Burgos 12,
28036 Madrid
España- Spain
Telephone: +34 91 480 64 00
Prointec Cairo:

13 Omr Ebn El Katab Street, Ministers Square
Masaken Sheraton, Heliopolis
Cairo, Egypt



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